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Free Genealogy Search

We will search on one individual in our record databases for free, just fill out the form below. Be sure to include as much information as possible and an email address is needed.

Full Name Name of person of interest.
Record type Select one.
Date Give date of event or date range.
Country Select One.
State Select One.
County Give County, City, Township ect.
Your Name Required
Your Email Required, I need to know where to send the results of the search.
Additional info Such as: Name variations, nicknames, birth, marriage, death info. ect., please give as much info as you can, it really helps.
What do you want to find out with this search. If you would like us to search multiple databases use our Advanced Search form Here.
We will contact you in 1-15 days with our results. Your information is private and confidential, we do not release any information to anyone.