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Family Tree Publishing

Now you can save all your Family Photo's, Video's, Audio clips, research documents and scanned items in one safe convenient place, your Family Tree.

Here's how it works: First we gather all your family history information, then create a family tree, or if you already have a tree, we'll import your file, then we organize and add all your document images, photo's, video and audio files, and publish your tree in HTML format, complete with embedded Video and Slide show players, that you can view directly on your computer, your tree will have a Table of Contents and an Index with links to each person for quick and easy navigation from person to person.

All of the files and software necessary for viewing the family tree are stored on the CD or Flash drive, you don't need an internet connection to view your tree and you can easily make copies to share with your friends and relatives, and even upload them to any web host for sharing on the internet.

Snapshot of a unique family tree presentation.Snapshot of Unique Family Tree

Click on an image to see an example.

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